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For that special occasion in your life hire a limo service you can trust.

We offer an elegant limousine and chauffeur service for any occasion. Perfect for weddings, proms, night outs, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more.


LGV Limousines has been recognized as the platinum standard in luxury transportation, acclaimed for its largest fleet selection and global reach of destinations. The Company's aim is to create a new class of elite limousine services designed with more selection of vehicles, and the highest levels of personalized service. 

Rather it's for a wedding, prom, birthday, or a special engagement, our concierge team is here to perfect all your ground transportation needs. Not only do we offer the largest fleet selection of limousines to choose from, the LGV Limousines team is here to assist you with coordinating your event beyond just transportation needs. When we think of a limousine service we think transportation. What makes LGV Limousines unique is that with our travel experience we extended our services beyond that. 

Interested in learning more? Give one of our agents a call at 833-975-9285 and let us answer any questions you may have. 

Limousine Service for those special moments.

Booking a limousine is like booking a hotel. You have the choice of one (1) star or a five (5) star limousine service. A five-star limousine service comes with a knowledgeable local professional and a late model limousine, while a one-star limousine service can be an aged limousine with a driver who has little or no experience. 

When shopping for a 12 passenger limousine you might find your self with prices fluctuating from one operator to another. Sometimes saving $20.00 on a limousine service can land you with a 20 year old limousine with 300.000+ miles on it. That's what we call a one (1) star service. Don't compromise comfort and safety. 

Using LGV Limousines you can be assured to always have a late model limousine on your journey. Late model vehicles ensure quality and provide you with a safety and a peace of mind for you and the loved ones.